Disclaimer: injecting things into a website can break the site

About: this is a build log not a prepared article/tutorial


Note I did not spend much time styling or whatever you can add that with transitions by CSS etc…

This is using my own Chrome extension, it’s injecting JS on this page. I made my own https-enabled Node API that’s doing the request to get the JSON dump…


This is my blog channel, other videos up to now have been posted under my other account but unlisted

This is nothing new, I’m just making it “from scratch” (stitching libraries together). I have a Raspberry Pi 4 that’s in headless mode so no GUI. I could reinstall it…

Disclaimer: not a tutorial


This is using Puppeteer on NodeJS with Google Spreadsheet API to automate website logins and get data eg. current balance and fill in a Google Spreadsheet that’s used as a DB for other personal APIs.

Here’s a video

Yeah I filmed this with a camera…



I did later realize that you can’t really do a proper cost-basis/FIFO with separate portfolios… in the end it’s all “the same pool”. So yeah I did some updates and now it’s more like the screenshot below(no UI yet). But I’ve summed all portfolios, sorted all fills by…

Disclaimer: I am a noob, take what I say here with a grain of salt.

The TL;DR is I dropped Manjaro/Plasma for Mobian/Phosh. This is the 3GB version “highest spec” at the moment.

This is not a tutorial mostly rambling and building some minor web projects. Warning has some fowl language.

I haven’t written on Medium in a while because I was going to setup my own blog but haven’t put the time into it. …

There’s nothing to learn here just a rambling post.

I bought this on eBay in Dec 2020 for $45

I think I saw this phone in an ad. It was red and when I saw it, I just wanted it. I did like the Yellow version much more and at the time when I was still doing the “phone contract”…

Disclaimer: not a tutorial


Tech: Apache, raspistill, CRON, Python

Started writing: 07/24/2020

Updated from 12/30/2020

Look how they massacred my boy

I setup a time lapse camera hopefully to catch it perking back up but no it just kept sinking and sinking… sadness smothers us

Ahh… I overwatered it… tried to save it but its fate is sealed. Planted new ones yesterday only four or five that sprouted.

Update from 12/07/2020

This is…

Disclaimer: not a tutorial

I got lazy towards the end.


I am aware that my writing is trash, and that people generally come to read things to take away from it/gain something eg. a tutorial teaches them something new. Maybe some tips/tricks saves them time. This is not that. …

Disclaimer: this is not a tutorial. Also disclaimer, I do not advise doing what I’m doing.

Started writing: 07/20/2020

Making a stepper turn a power strip on/off, designing/3-d printing the parts for that. No code here.

In the past I have been trying to grow apple seeds but they keep…

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Software developer and general technology tinkerer

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