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Note I did not spend much time styling or whatever you can add that with transitions by CSS etc…

This is using my own Chrome extension, it’s injecting JS on this page. I made my own https-enabled Node API that’s doing the request to get the JSON dump of a reddit thread (CORS problem). Then this array of posts for the page get returned back to CBP and then they’re cycled through one at a time every 5 seconds.

Building it

The point of this is to see “what’s poppin” in a particular sub/how it might explain what’s happening in…


This is my blog channel, other videos up to now have been posted under my other account but unlisted

This is nothing new, I’m just making it “from scratch” (stitching libraries together). I have a Raspberry Pi 4 that’s in headless mode so no GUI. I could reinstall it with a GUI and just use some python plotting library but… you know me dunce boy. So I’ll stream the data by websocket and feed it to a web app that will plot the three sets of data (accel, gyro, mag) in real time. I bought a couple sets of…

Disclaimer: not a tutorial


This is using Puppeteer on NodeJS with Google Spreadsheet API to automate website logins and get data eg. current balance and fill in a Google Spreadsheet that’s used as a DB for other personal APIs.


Here’s a video

Yeah I filmed this with a camera facing my monitor like a noob
This is ran locally but at this point you would just move the code to a server/tie it to a CRON job. This example is hitting up bankofamerica.com and logging in as me, waiting for me to provide the 2FA sms code through Twilio and then getting the balance to enter into the spreadsheet on the right.


Back in 2015 or so my finances tanked. My credit score dropped to the low 400’s or even lower. Although I’m still broke AF, right now I’m above mid 700’s but it took me a bit to fix that. One of the fixes is…



I did later realize that you can’t really do a proper cost-basis/FIFO with separate portfolios… in the end it’s all “the same pool”. So yeah I did some updates and now it’s more like the screenshot below(no UI yet). But I’ve summed all portfolios, sorted all fills by date and then did the gains/loss again. I’m just barely positive since I bought some $41K chunks and had to sell those first.

I just wanted a number, working on a SPA version of this… in the end if it were to be a public service the API key management sounds riskier than just doing CSV uploads. The individual portfolio gains are technically incorrect, within their scope they reflect gains but it’s supposed to be done as a whole like the top.

The intent

I wanted to see what amount of crypto I bought I could sell where I wouldn’t be losing money in terms of FIFO… unfortunately I have been…

Disclaimer: I am a noob, take what I say here with a grain of salt.

The TL;DR is I dropped Plasma for Mobian. This is the 3GB version “highest spec” at the moment.

This is not a tutorial mostly rambling and building some minor web projects. Warning has some fowl language.

I haven’t written on Medium in a while because I was going to setup my own blog but haven’t put the time into it. That’s on top of being lazy for past few weeks/months.

My main goal in life is financial freedom. I work in the tech industry thankfully so income-wise I’m doing alright for myself however I’m still in a lot of debt(student loans). I’m also supporting several of my own blood-related families so it’s a slow journey. Aside it’s just…

There’s nothing to learn here just a rambling post.

I bought this on eBay in Dec 2020 for $45

I think I saw this phone in an ad. It was red and when I saw it, I just wanted it. I did like the Yellow version much more and at the time when I was still doing the “phone contract” approach I got the Lumia 920 in black through AT&T primarily because that’s what they had and I was impatient. The black color was nice since you could try different tile colors that didn’t contrast against the phone’s body color eg. yellow looks better with yellow.

It was great, I…

Disclaimer: not a tutorial


Tech: Apache, raspistill, CRON, Python

Started writing: 07/24/2020

Updated from 12/30/2020

Look how they massacred my boy

I setup a time lapse camera hopefully to catch it perking back up but no it just kept sinking and sinking… sadness smothers us

Ahh… I overwatered it… tried to save it but its fate is sealed. Planted new ones yesterday only four or five that sprouted.

Update from 12/07/2020

This is the biggest Apple tree I’ve grown from a seed so far. Unfortunately I may have waited too long between the mosquito dunk treatments as one of the smaller ones died recently. I’m fearing for the biggest one, maybe it’s stronger/will recover more. I did have to change the camera mounting/angle…

Disclaimer: not a tutorial

I got lazy towards the end.


I am aware that my writing is trash, and that people generally come to read things to take away from it/gain something eg. a tutorial teaches them something new. Maybe some tips/tricks saves them time. This is not that. This is if a pile of rocks on the side of a dumpster somehow gained consciousness after getting rained on with garbage juice for decades.

Also I’ll post my hardware projects on Hackaday going forward and I’ll probably build my own blog at some point. I know “you don’t have to”. But I like to, until…

Disclaimer: this is not a tutorial. Also disclaimer, I do not advise doing what I’m doing.

Started writing: 07/20/2020

What’s in this page of words?

Making a stepper turn a power strip on/off, designing/3-d printing the parts for that. No code here.


In the past I have been trying to grow apple seeds but they keep dying after a certain point. I think the reason is not enough light. This is usually the farthest they get before they die, some defined pointy leaves, more than the initial round ones.

This is probably one of the best sets that I had grown using natural sunlight/indoors, but they just die off.

This is automated only to the extent that I have a switch which is ran by a…

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