Learning is hard

Jacob David C. Cunningham
3 min readDec 22, 2022


lol this pic is inspired from the movie Bird Box

This is mostly an excuse to use the picture above (for a Haskell blog post).

I am a backer of the Simula One VR device and their software is written with Haskell. I wanted to port it to C++ since that is more tangible/readable to me. — this post is an ego-satisfaction thing (fluff).

See below my stalled progress on stuff I’ve been trying to learn.


Anyway… as of right now yeah… I can’t do any of the above really. I just know some of their syntax. Because… I’ve forgotten.

I was trying to follow a DB-related tutorial for Rust (Diesel) and I was failing at a basic readme. Typing is hard in Rust.

I also dumped time into Django in the past but ended up not using it. Same for Microsoft’s Touch Develop platform… months on that gone. I probably retained some things from learning that/making stuff. I made a calendar in there that was pretty cool.

There is this wall you have to overcome. I’m still trying… but I have other things in my mind to learn too. I bought an oscope finally… I later realized my friend left an old one in a closet, though it’s a vintage kind. I also… bought an FPGA (orange crab) so I’ve got that to learn. Ultimately these random things will culminate/add to my overall knowledge, until I build something… what?

I also was diving deep into IMU territory so I can learn more about it… mostly forgot that. I don’t know how to retain knowledge if it’s not actively being used.

Lately I’ve been working on this project again

More recently generating a panorama for the vision navigation. Thankfully OpenCV comes with panorama capability built in. I was trying to do it myself but failed miserably. It’s pretty complicated, more than just scaling/rotating/joining images together.

red dot (soon to be crosshair) is for center of camera/level with horizon starting point marker to calibrate stuff due to offset/shifted panorama

Anyway yeah… next year I think those are some goals for me is learning about OScopes, FPGA/harder languages like those mentioned above and general hardware/robotics related stuff. Also reduce debt.


Let me throw this gif in, had it in another draft (over 100). I messed up my knee a couple months back so I have not been doing much physically. Also it’s winter now so I don’t go to the park/fly right now.