Making an external display for my Sony A7 II

Hey man, nice shot
I primarily take photos to use as backgrounds on my ultrawide monitor, but I like walking around seeing nature too


I chipped the display on the A7 II’s display one day, I think an unsecured lens hit it in my backpack. So I decided to completely disassemble the body to replace the LCD which it turns out you didn’t have to. The ribbon cable snakes through a few boards so it is hard to mess around with. Anyway every time I would take it apart/readjust it I was tempting a burn out and it finally happened. I damaged something on the camera board itself since any other display I would attach was dim/no backlight. So I decided to make this project.

How does it perform?

Bad… I mean it works but you can barely see the display unfortunately. Meanwhile I can look at my phone and it’s “clear as day”.

My friend took this shot with the A7 R3 and Sony 70–200mm F4 G



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Jacob David C. Cunningham

Jacob David C. Cunningham

Software developer and general technology tinkerer