My past obsession with the Lumia 920

There’s nothing to learn here just a rambling post.

I bought this on eBay in Dec 2020 for $45

I think I saw this phone in an ad. It was red and when I saw it, I just wanted it. I did like the Yellow version much more and at the time when I was still doing the “phone contract” approach I got the Lumia 920 in black through AT&T primarily because that’s what they had and I was impatient. The black color was nice since you could try different tile colors that didn’t contrast against the phone’s body color eg. yellow looks better with yellow.

It was great, I mean it was “the phone of my dreams” at the time. I remember taking it out to a beach and taking some great pictures. Then at one point I somehow bricked it from charging/an update… green flash on the screen… I had to get it looked at/refurbished I think that sucked. Eventually I found these kits where you could replace the shell and that’s how I got the red version. I never had the yellow version but something about that kit didn’t feel “legit”. Maybe the color was off… but I don’t know.

It’s just funny having that kind of desire. I think it’s a great job on Nokia’s part.
I wanted Windows Phones to succeed but it didn’t happen. I am a fan of the tiles design but it does suck that you don’t get a nice background granted in Android my background is not really visible since I have folders of apps/a notepad widget. I guess that’s what the lock screen is for.

I don’t rock flagship phones anymore eg. Samsung whatever because they’re SUPER expensive (I couldn’t replace them easily if they broke) and I also try to avoid contract phones. It’s funny this phone is smaller than I remembered. I think we just moved up to larger phones over time.

But my god I love this phone’s design, like I hold it in my hand and wow. I won’t use it but I want it still. I have a bunch of other old previous Android phones that aren’t in use but still work as well. I feel bad about that, don’t really know what to do with them since they’re weak/probably a waste of energy to root them/use them as micro servers or something. I also pre-ordered a Pinephone so I want to get into that/develop some QT apps/get used to the idea of a dockable phone into a desktop(despite how underpowered it is currently hardware wise).

Part of me feels bad because I’d rather just have one machine per thing eg. one desktop, one phone, one laptop… but now I have several. I’ve also decided to just “get what I want now” whenever I have the urge to try something (used of course). For example I always wanted a Surface Book and a Lenovo Carbon X1 ThinkPad. I remember seeing both, the Surface for example when it first came out I held it in my hands and at the time I couldn’t afford it. But I was amazed seeing the edge vents and the device itself, at that time tablets were hot… even though now that I have one it’s hard to use it. I always prefer mouse/keyboard.

The Carbon X1 I get more use out of, it runs Ubuntu as the only OS. I was going to have it be dual-bootable but there’s usually some minor friction with that.

I also now have a 2015 Macbook Pro… I was never really into Apple but I use it for work. I wanted one so I could develop iOS React Native apps… but it too is mostly just sitting. The display is still phenomenal out of all my devices possibly even more than the Surface Book 2 that has an insane resolution/density for its 13" form factor.

Yeah as I try to setup the Lumia 920, nothing works. I don’t know if it’s because those services are just straight up down. It is a 7 year old phone, too bad. But I think I still like looking at it/holding it to be weird.

Anyway just at rip down memory lane.

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