Sunday SaaS Day 2 — Free Personal Finance App

Jacob David C. Cunningham
1 min readAug 7, 2023


0 hrs spent in development

This weekend is not that productive since I drank on Friday, spent most of Saturday recovering and today is laundry day (interruptions going to laundromat). I spent money that I didn’t have… so I gotta move stuff around to make sure I can pay my bills. Overdraw my main bank account again, at least they let me do it. I may be eating oatmeal the next 2 weeks. I’ve had this oatmeal in its package for like 3 years.

I slept twice today (Sunday) so not productive. I’m gonna build an upgraded thing for a friend of mine who uses it to run his business. That’s a pretty cool “I affected this person’s life” thing. Although everyone does that right by existing.

Anyway I didn’t do anything this weekend, just wasted money and recovering from drinking.

I’m annoyed because I have this bills tab and it’s all over the place… I can’t figure out like “how much do I need in this week?” which is a feature I thought about/wanted 10 years ago.

I’m also not sure if I can afford my current life I went from about $10K/mo income to just over $6K/mo before tax.