Twerk Lidar Robot — update (part 2)

It has this weird issue of tipping backwards to the right so it used to carry a weight in the front


So, I initially planned on using the IMU to determine the pitch value/angle of the ToF sensor but that proved to be problematic. So now it just uses fixed values measured externally with a camera/SketchUp. The sweep on the other hand was “close”, it was off by a couple of degrees out of 20–30 but I was getting something. So that is using values from the IMU. When plotted it looked sensible.

Each square on the grid (right) is 10" sq

3D import

This actually did not take that long to prove out, although it is not complete. What I have to do is import the moving parts individually and then bind to them/move them. That takes work.


These are some longer/explanation videos. More on the channel that were released over the months since January (first post).

Closing thoughts

This project is not done. I’ll work on it here and there but yeah, it’s a time consuming project and needs a code rewrite.



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Jacob David C. Cunningham

Jacob David C. Cunningham

Software developer and general technology tinkerer